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Request for this contest is on Google.com

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if you want a good link, send an e-mail to loquine-glupe@xavfun.com

Organisators says :

Note: Safesurf will be OFF when the final query is made for the winners.

● Entry to the competition is open to everybody, worldwide.

● You do not have to own your own domain to enter, free websites are also most welcome to be entered, and as such are not subject to the rule above about one entry per domain. i.e. www.geocities.com/mysite and blog sites.

● All pages entered may link to http://www.webmaster-forums.co.uk so the contest will get more popular with 'New Seo Contest' as anchor text (withought the '')

● All pages entered must contain a username that is easily found or risk being disqualified.

● Only one username must exist on each page entered

● No method of SEO and promotion is prohibited. In part this competition exists to test the strengths and weaknesses of Google However, we take no responsibility for contestants spamming and we will disqualify, and publicly harass anyone who does so.

● Your user name can be used on as many pages and domains as you wish

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Loquine Glupe Welcome Sid ;-)
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